Yes, its time to talk about Yet Another Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (YAMMORPG), Gamespy has a 3 day feature running about Dungeons and Dragons Online. The screenshots look okay and there is some detail about the game – although it based in the new DnD property Eberron. Which I gotta be honest about, I really don’t have alot of enthusiasm for – Midnight is a much better setting but them crackpots at Wizards seem to think they know whats best…

2 thoughts on “YAMMORPG time…”

  1. Are those the same crackpots who can continuously make money off of another set of equally cracked pots by selling them little pieces of laminated cardboards ???

  2. Is D&D 3.5 really suited to be a MMORPG? The game, pen and paper, is really designed to be turn based, hence the initiative process for determining action order. How is that resolved here? Was NWN a modified d20 D&D ruleset? I’m not sure it was the best implementation, but perhaps the game itself wasn’t as great as it could have been so maybe that colors my perceptions.

    I’m not sure Eberron is all that exciting a setting either. It seems like ‘more of the same, but with robots’. Meh. That said, if there is a beta, I’ll certainly try it out. They seem to be taking the same instanced track as Tabula Rasa is taking, with a shared hub for everyone, then instanced adventures from there.

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