eBay…in Spaaaaace!

Looks like eBay is catering to SciFi fans with their Sci-Fi-o-Rama page.

Sci Fi TV Listings

We’ve posted this before, but it never hurts to remind everyone of the excellent resource at ClassicSciFi where they list all of the science fiction showing on TV today…[echo on]…and in the fuuutuuurrre!

Cyberpunk Book List

Attention cyberpunk fans!

Have you seen the Cyberpunk Book List? While you’re at it, check out the neo-cool info in Cyberpunk as a Science Fiction Genre. Downlink now…before EvilCorp caps you!

I Love the Smell of Parodies in the Morning…

…it smells like…Chocolypse Now.

Uron Mars

The website for Fantasy & Science Ficton Magazine has an article on what it’s like to be on Mars. And if you can’t get enough of Mars, visit The Eternal Golden Braid for a Martian Picture of the Day like this one.

Battlestar Galactica

A new BG website shows synopses for both the original and upcoming new series.


From Locus Online, it’s the Norman Roswell site, showing off the best from the Saturn Evening Post. You can even get a T-shirt.

Another Reason for Fans to Hate Shatner

The previously reported tidbit that Shatner was filming a movie in Iowa was actually part of a reality show stunt for Spike TV. Shatner and co-producers of the show donated $100K to the town after revealing the truth.

Star Wars Trilogy DVD Easter Eggs

I finally got around to watching Episode VI tonight. Another fun movie, though the Ewoks dragged it down a bit more than I remember.

With Star Wars on my mind, it occurred to me that there might be some DVD Easter Eggs. Go, go gadget Google! Easter eggs are available from Movie Web.

Longer Clone Wars

SciFi Wire reports: The upcoming Clone Wars shorts will clock in at 12 minutes instead of 3 minutes. They will also tie in to Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith. And, lest we forget, the shorts will feature General Grievous.

SW on TV

According to IESB, Lucas has announced a Star Wars TV show. Kevin Smith was mentioned as a possible director for the TV series, but I don’t think it was anything official. So that takes us one step closer to SWSignal from SFSignal…

Use the shwartz!!!

Thats right everybody – our favorite parody man, Mel Brooks, is talking about making a sequel to Spaceballs. The news was sent out on a couple web sites, but I have linked the details from Comingsoon.net.

REVIEW: Year’s Best SF 9 edited by David G. Hartwell

REVIEW SUMMARY: Good collection of stories marred by one unreadable novella.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Anthology of 20 stories from 2003, all strictly SF (no fantasy).


PROS: Lots of really good stories.

CONS: One novella was unreadable, dragging down the books rating.

BOTTOM LINE: Good collection of stories more than worth the price.

This is the ninth in the still-running Year’s Best series edited by David G. Hartwell. It attempts to cull the best SF published in 2003. Mostly, it succeeds. There was one story that, for me, was unreadable. Unfortunately, it was of novella length and thus, being weighted more heavily than a short story or novelette, brought down the books rating. One other story was mediocre. The rest though ranged from good to excellent. Standout stories include “Amnesty” by Octavia Butler, “The Waters of Meribah” by Tony Ballantyne, “Castaway” by Gene Wolfe, “Nimby and the Dimension Hoppers” by Cory Doctorow and “Annuity Clinic” by Nigel Brown.

Reviewlettes follow.

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How Does An Airplane Really Work?

While I was traveling in a 737 recently, the movie wasnt particularly interesting; so like the geek that I am, I wondered how an airplane really work. I know, your 10 year old kid can explained it to me about the air pressure differences created by an airfoil shape or deflection of air molecules against the surfaces of the wing. I’ve heard those before, but now that I’m an adult, I thought I would want the adult answer, so I turned to the HowStuffWork site.

As it turned out, neither one of those explanations was completely true… In the course of the article, there’s a reference to this neat little java applet over at the NASA site that lets you play with the design of an airfoil in their little virtual wind tunnel. Now the applet is not very fancy, but it tickled the inner geek inside of me, and I thought I share it with the rest of you geeks…

Saw: The Movie

I’m looking forward to this one, in a Se7en horror film kind of way.

Kong Cam

KongIsKing.net is an ongoing fan project to document Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong. It’s got a ways to go, but it looks to be interesting as the movie production moves along.

UPDATE: Farscape Marathon

As previously posted, The SciFi Channel will be airing all 88 episodes of Farscape leading up to the new Farscape movie The Peacekeeper Wars. The air dates for the discontiguous marathon are now October 1st to 15th, 4PM – 9PM EST on Mondays through Fridays. The movie airs Sunday, October 17.

Fantastic Four Pix

In-costume cast pictures are out for the upcoming Fantastic Four movie. I’ll save Pete the trouble: When I look at Invisible Girl, it’s Flame On! [Insert rolling tongue sound here.]

Everquest 2 Preorder

I picked up the EQ2 preorder and popped in the character creator that it comes with. There is definitely a wide range of looks that can be achieved, so that hopefully characters will not look alike. However, it seems to me (and Scott also mentioned this) that they spent time on things that don’t really matter, like the curve of the eyebrows and the width of the nose. When I ran several characters through the random generator, I didn’t notice much of a difference within a race. Halflings all have the same shaped head and the little things like eyebrows and nose width don’t make much difference. Things like hair do, however. Also, each race seems to have it’s own configurable traits. Gnomes have different kinds of glasses they can wear, barbarians have tattoos, etc.

Track Martha Stewart

[Link via CNN] You know the thrill you get tracking your packages online when you order something from the Internet? Well, now you can experience the same feeling of joy as you Track Martha Stewart! Courtesy of the US government (the Federal Bureau of Prisons) and Martha’s inmate number (55170-054). Isn’t technology wonderful? (Note: The site was busy when I tried, otherwise I could have posted a direct link.)