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Anyone interested in doing something crazy, like, say, reading one science fiction short story a day, may be interested in knowing that there are plenty of websites that offer high quality SF for free. Here are some of those sites:

  • SciFiction – courtesy of the SciFi Channel who, I read somewhere, is one of the highest paying markets for SF. They post classic SF stories as well as originals.
  • Infinity Plus – offers some big-name authors
  • Free Speculative Fiction Online – is a collection of links to free online short SF around the web.
  • Seeing Ear Theater – also hosted by the SciFi Channel. It offers audio versions of SF stories. looks like it hasn’t been updated in a while, though.
  • The online version of print magazines (Asimov’s SF, Analog, Fantasy & SF) also offer free stories online.

How do you steer clear of the trash? Why, review sites of course! The following sites review short science fiction:

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  1. YATS

    Yet Another Time Sink. Thanks, John @ SFSignal, for pointing out all these sources of free online short science fiction. Now I’ll never get any work done….

  2. Print is dead

    Not really, but more and more, you can find almost everything on the ‘net. For instance, there’s this list of sites where you can read free Science Fiction online. Pretty cool, eh? Thanks to Professor Hall for the pointer. (I’m…

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