While I was traveling in a 737 recently, the movie wasnt particularly interesting; so like the geek that I am, I wondered how an airplane really work. I know, your 10 year old kid can explained it to me about the air pressure differences created by an airfoil shape or deflection of air molecules against the surfaces of the wing. I’ve heard those before, but now that I’m an adult, I thought I would want the adult answer, so I turned to the HowStuffWork site.

As it turned out, neither one of those explanations was completely true… In the course of the article, there’s a reference to this neat little java applet over at the NASA site that lets you play with the design of an airfoil in their little virtual wind tunnel. Now the applet is not very fancy, but it tickled the inner geek inside of me, and I thought I share it with the rest of you geeks…

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