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Its a Good Thing We Aren’t True Star Wars Geeks

Otherwise, we’d be at the Best Buy festivities commemorating the release of Star Wars: Battlefront and the original trilogy on DVD. The prizes look cool though, with the grand prize getting a Darth Vader replica lightsaber. Who wouldn’t want that?

Oh well, I’ll have to console myself by buying this for, um, my kids. Yeah, that’s it, my kids…

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1 Comment on Its a Good Thing We Aren’t True Star Wars Geeks

  1. bah, Houston is not even in the running. Maybe we aint as as geek as Plano, but I’m sure we’re not as Hick as them either.

    If I weren’t flying home on the 20th, I would probably stop by the Best Buy in Westbury NY — It’s as if the Force itself is acting against me…

    JP, since you eat lunch with us, I double-dog dare you to bring that to the lunch table! Are you man enuff to take all the ribbing you’re gonna get? On wait, what am I saying?!? We’re all geeks, we would all probably be ooohing and awwwing over it…never mind.

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