My Gosh, its Huge!

I’m talking about, of course, the new Lord of the Rings Special Extended Version DVD, available for pre-order on Oct. 1st.

The new version of the film is 250 minutes long. That’s over 4 hours long! WTH is Jackson doing? There had better be some really cool battle footage left out. 4 hours, I can’t believe this. But the split character commentary by Gollum/Smeagol sounds funny, or corny…

4 thoughts on “My Gosh, its Huge!”

  1. I’m too lazy to look. Did it say anything about when the extended edition trilogy would be coming out? That’s what I’ve been holding out for.


  2. I saw some part of an interview with Vigo “the dude” Mortensen, and at least part of the extended time is some seriously groovy footage with the dead army underground…looked REALLY cool..


  3. 4 hours? Sweet! I’d rather watch 4 hours of Lord of the Rings than watch all the other drivel that Hollywood is shoveling out nowadays. Plus, I used to watch Gettysburg constantly as a kid, so I guess that counts as training, heh…

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