Use the shwartz!!!

Thats right everybody – our favorite parody man, Mel Brooks, is talking about making a sequel to Spaceballs. The news was sent out on a couple web sites, but I have linked the details from

12 thoughts on “Use the shwartz!!!”

  1. I always loved the little bit at the end of the “History of the World” movie better than “Spaceballs”. I think that little 60 second bit of space battle was funnier than the whole “Spaceballs” experience.

    Now a sequel to “Galaxy Quest”, that I would pay Good Cash Money to see!

  2. I enjoyed History of the World part 1, and I agree the whole Jews in Space bit was pretty funny. But I also enjoyed Spaceballs – the movie as a whole probably was not as funny as the bits that I remember really well. One of the best movie lines: Whats the matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken? Now thats funny…

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