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Yet Even More Suckines From Lucas

Being the non-SW site troller that I am, I’ve subscribed to the Star Wars Today RSS feed (its what all the hip kids of today are doing), to help me feed the inner SW geek without actually having to troll the site. RSS feeds = cool. What’s not cool? Putting links in the feed that only Hyperspace members can access. Aaarrrrgggghhhh!

This is a blatant attempt by Lucas to suck even more money out of us on an ongoing basis, and, therefore, sucks. There should be a Hyperspace members RSS feed and a non-member feed. You don’t know how frustrating it is to click a link in the feed only to see the Hyperspace sign-in message instead of Princess Leia lying seductively in her cell in the Death Star.

Thanks George. I’ll dance at your funeral. (Ok, that’s harsh, maybe I won’t. Unless they ask me to, then I will…)

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  1. jp, i’m thinking that you’re not so much as a sw troller as a lucasux troller…

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