REVIEW SUMMARY: Excellent thriller .


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Two men awaken in a decrepit room to find themselves chained to the wall. Both have a hacksaw (which cuts through flesh but not the chain). One of the men has a bullet and instructions to kill the other man before time runs out. A dead body lies on the floor between them (just out of reach). In the dead man’s hand is a gun.


PROS: Great story that kept ratcheting up the tension to a thrilling ending that took me by surprise.

CONS: Sub-par acting from Glover, Elwes and Potter.

BOTTOM LINE: Serial killer film as graphic as Se7en and as tense as Hitchcock.

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Why doesn’t paper just fall straight down to the floor?

Yes, that is an excellent question which I am sure we all have wondered at one point in our lives. Well some physists at Cornell have figured it out, and its a very interesting solution.

REVIEW: Infinities edited by Peter Crowther

REVIEW SUMMARY: Two excellent novellas, one good one and one political snoozer in a handsome volume.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Anthology consisting of four 2001 novellas written by British authors.


PROS: Two excellent stories; a book with high quality production.

CONS: One story, way too political for my tastes, marred an otherwise excellent collection.

BOTTOM LINE: Worth it for the 2 excellent stories alone.

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Guild Wars World Premiere Event

You can download the Guild Wars client software from here and kick the tires. The Beta starts next week, I think for those droolers that pre-ordered the game.

SW Episode III Teaser Poster

…over at the official Star Wars website.

Not that I subscribe to the official Star Wars newsfeed or anything.

Editor’s Note: I’m pretty sure John meant Ep3 so I modified his title.

If computer/console gaming is not your bag…

Hasbro (via the Milton Bradley brand) will be releasing a new batch of Star Wars games next year.

One of them uses a wireless lightsaber controller with a game running on your TV – let your inner jedi shine through baby…

Life Imitating Star Trek

In my daily round of website perusing, I saw this link on Engadget. I give the technology a few years and we will soon be performing Level 2 diagnostics on all sorts of stuff. Either that or being beat up for looking total dweebs with it on…

More Star Wars games

For the Revenge of the Sith movie (that has not been released yet) – but that does not stop the announcements. I know its not a big announcement, nor is it a surprise.

Blog Explosion

Blog Explosion is a website geared toward increasing blog traffic using a “reciprocal browse” approach (you browse me and I’ll browse you). I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want to increase their blog traffic. To hit their web hosts bandwidth limit? To have to pay extra money every month so strangers can read your personal ramblings? Bah!

Way back when, I was hesitant about staring my own personal blog because I though it was just too vain. The group blog approach, I realize now, is an entirely different beast. Good idea, JP! It’s more like a community for friends. Sure, we have occasional external readers and a few of those are even welcome regulars (Hi Fred, John, James and Jeff!) . When I have nothing to post, you can be sure others will pick up the slack. That keeps the blog going. The group part makes for an interesting dynamic as well with different points of view and opinions forgetting, for the moment, the unfortunate in-fighting.

At any rate, as useless as the Blog Explosion website appears, it does offer a useful categorized blog directory.

Leftover Century City Episodes

The good news: Although Century City (whose one episode I saw left me undecided) was cancelled after only four episodes, 9 were shot. The leftover 5 episodes will be re-aired.

The bad news (for the U.S.) is that it will only be airing in the UK, Canada and Australia. D’oh!

[via Sci-Fi Ranter Girl]


SciFi Wire reports that prduction is set to begin on the ABC miniseries Desperation, based on the Stephen King book. If memory serves, it was a decent book. Hopefully, the miniseries will do it justice.

If You Like Sealab 2021…

…on Adult Swim on CartoonNetwork (not carttonnetwork, which doesn’t work anymore), then you’ll like this one — definitely NOT work-safe.

A Couple of Funny Shows

I know Scott the Golden Boy hates South Park, but he would have enjoyed the season premiere tonight. Where else, could he have seen members of PETA (doesn’t it stand for Psychotic Eco-Terrorist Assclowns??) get blown away by P. Diddy in a bloody construction-paper-animated slaughter-fest?

After you catch your breath from the hilarity, you’re ready to watch the funny new animated reality show Drawn Together. Aside from the lengthy girl/girl tongue-wrestling scene1, my favorite line is still “…you can cut the tension with a +6 sword…” as spoken by the resident D&D reject.

1This is the trailer, you might have fast forward a little to see the scene. Probably not work-safe.

For the Love of All That’s Good and Decent

Do not print these Star Wars masks out and make your kid wear them!

You should do it for yourself, ya big fanboy.

That Leia mask looks plain creepy. But now you can pretend to shoot an Ewok or knock on someone’s door and when they answer say: “Trick or IT’S A TRAP!!!!!!”

Here’s Ya Freaking Supermodel Article

When John told me that I was merely satiating my craving for attention when posting the MLB piece, he likened me to the long-haired shock-jock Howard Stern to which I replied with a hearty, “I wish! Have you seen his new wife?!” So in my continued attempt grab attention, and to satisfy your need for a supermodel article, here’s a link (hopefully, not work-safe) for you. When I grow up, I hope I, too, can make millions, so that a beautiful girl would marry me despite my own total lack of beauty.

While we’re at it, do you guys know about search engine? It’s especially good for finding those free, not-for-work images (and mpegs, too).

More Romans in Space…

Gaming Report had a link about designing your own Legionaire contest being run by Triskele Games. The rules for the contest state that folks are to come up with thier own version of what a Roman Legionaire would look like in 2364. Then after researching that I found out they are publishing a set of rules for a tabletop Sci Fi game. It looks intriguing as it involves multiple universes and a build an army from scratch idea that allows you to use what figures you have versus buying new stuff.

Check it out …

Jump to Lightspeed Launches

My hourly stroll through /. has a post that Jump to Lightspeed for Star Wars Galaxies has launched today. So get out there and see if you can make the Kessel Run faster than Han Solo. This brought to you from the “Bout damned time” department.

Also, we were in dire need of some Star Wars postings…

Update: I fixed the category since it should really be Star Wars…

R. A. Salvatore Interview…

…at SciFi Weekly.

I’ve been threatening to read one of his books for weeks now. So much to read, so little time…

Its Your Last Chance!

Until 2007, to see atotal lunar eclipse!. Tonight!

This announcement brought to you so the unawares among us (you know who you are) get the message. The festivities start around 7pm CDT tonight, with the good stuff happening around 8:14 and 10:23 (totality, not to be confused with fatality) pm CDT.

Go forth and gaze! If it isnt cloudy….

Science Fiction Genre Explained

Wirehead attempts to explain the genre of science fiction and its sub-genres. As mentioned by the author, this is a topic of much debate.