Blog Explosion is a website geared toward increasing blog traffic using a “reciprocal browse” approach (you browse me and I’ll browse you). I’m not entirely sure why anyone would want to increase their blog traffic. To hit their web hosts bandwidth limit? To have to pay extra money every month so strangers can read your personal ramblings? Bah!

Way back when, I was hesitant about staring my own personal blog because I though it was just too vain. The group blog approach, I realize now, is an entirely different beast. Good idea, JP! It’s more like a community for friends. Sure, we have occasional external readers and a few of those are even welcome regulars (Hi Fred, John, James and Jeff!) . When I have nothing to post, you can be sure others will pick up the slack. That keeps the blog going. The group part makes for an interesting dynamic as well with different points of view and opinions forgetting, for the moment, the unfortunate in-fighting.

At any rate, as useless as the Blog Explosion website appears, it does offer a useful categorized blog directory.

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