As previously posted, this year marks the 30th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons. Saturday, October 16th is Worldwide D&D Game Day. News of this comes to me through CNN, who mentions the new book celebrating the past 30 years of D&D.

While cruising the Wizards website I perused the books section (not that I troll used bookstores looking for clearance copies of D&D books or anything) and found that they have an awesome site detailing much of the universe, including some cool artwork/wallpapers and book synopses. I particulary like the Forgotten Realms Novel guide, which I’ll turn to as soon as I get my semiannual jones for fantasy.

I wouldn’t mind hearing what others think of the D&D books. Which sub-series is better? Dungeons & Dragons? Dragonlance? Forgotten Realms? Where is a good place to start? What should a newbie reader avoid?

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