REVIEW SUMMARY: The original title was probably “Thunderbirds vs. the Axis of Evil.” Definitely not a movie for the kiddies (noted the R rating). First off, I was never a fan of the puppet-style animation. But the sets look great, and watching them blow up is just sauce. This movie is basically South Park using puppets stewed in hilarious Matt Stone/Trey Parker politically incorrectness. As each Hollywood celebrity-spoofed puppet get blown up, I know we all secretly wish that the real corresponding loudmouth were there being dealt the same treatment. After watching this movie, it was some time before I stop saying my Ls as Rs…


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Team America, based inside Mt. Rushmore, fights the Axis of Evil led by the commie we all love to hate, Kim Jong-Il, and his Middle Eastern fundamentalist stoolies to prevent them from destroying the world with WMDs.


PROS: Funny, politically incorrect, irreverent, cussing, and soft-core marionette porn.

CONS: Needed More: Jokes, Michael Moore torturing, Hollywood -bashing…

BOTTOM LINE: It has its moments: Funny jingles, racial stereotyping, Hollywood celebrity-bashing, and hotdog-munching, socialist-extraordinaire, public enemy #1 – Michael Moore. I wouldn’t call it non-stop laughing beginning to end; but it will be a “Most Likely To Buy” DVD.

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