BookCloseouts Gets a Facelift

Our favorite bargain bookstore, BookCloseouts, has finally redesigned their website.

Improvements: Search refinement links; book pictures; nicer look and feel; Also-by-this-author links; New scratch & dent section.

Still Needs Improvement: Can only sort by author or title and not price; Cannot customize number of search results per page.

3 thoughts on “BookCloseouts Gets a Facelift”

  1. Too bad its still as slow as ever. And the search box shouldn’t be broken down into categories, I should be able to search on whatever I want, like Amazon. At the very least, it should remember what the last category I searched on and auto-select that for me, or have an option to let me select the default search category.

    And shipping should be faster!

  2. Yeah, they never were speedy in shipping, though I personally was never in a situation were I needed a book immediately. To me, the money saved over the Amazon price was more than worth the wait.

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