And how I managed to find this one before John surprises me, but I forgot he does not frequent Star Wars related sites. The downer is that you need to be a goofy Hyperspace member to check it out online otherwise scroll down the page past all the nerdy posts to see US airtimes.

Or I could just cut and paste…. Go go gadget edit shortcuts -

November 4th

The Official Site: Hyperspace members will have exclusive access to a high-quality Quicktime version of the teaser in “early afternoon (U.S.) of November 4.”

AOL Users: Since AOL/Moviefone will be hosting the trailer for download on their servers, we’ve received reports that AOL subscribers will have access to some version of the teaser (unknown of what quality) at 1 pm EST.

Total Request Live! The MTV program will have the first televised airing at 5 pm EST on November 4th.

Access Hollywood: The next televised viewing will occur on the syndicated Hollywood news program during Thursday, November 4th’s evening broadcast. Check local listings for your time and channel.

November 5th

The Incredibles: The first movie prints out there with the teaser is Pixar Animation’s The Incredibles. In most cases, there should be 12:01 am Friday screenings where you can catch the film. NOTE: There is a note from previous reports that the teaser MAY NOT be attached to all prints, so caveat emptor (“buyer beware”).

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