For the Budding MMOG Designer

Gamasutra has a very interesting rant on Why Virtual Worlds are Designed By Newbies.

Lots of grist for the mill here. Basically, a game succeeds or dies based on its ability to keep attracting new players. So, it has to cater to those new players and must acceed to their preconceptions.

An interesting read….

One thought on “For the Budding MMOG Designer”

  1. While some of what he says hits home, I will disagree with his statments about instancing. Although the concept of perma-death is a great idea in concept, but will never work as long as game designers feel they can throw high level insta-death content at players to “keep them interested”. Unless there is a challenge to overcome that would result in no death for talented players – they will leave it in its current model.

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