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For You Banks Fans

ICBerkshire, a newspaper conglomerate in England (I think), has a very short ‘review’ of Iain M. Banks’ newest SF nove, The Algebraist, calling it stirring science fiction. Coupled with the earlier post detailing an online excerpt, I can’t wait for this book to make it across the pond. I’ve always liked Banks’ SF, and even though this isn’t a Culture book, it still sounds excellent.

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  1. I just finished Excession (although I haven’t had time to write up a review unfortunately) and found it overall good, but with a weak ending. It wasn’t terrible, it just wasn’t up to the same caliber as his other books.

  2. Yeah, Excession was a bit weird. Focusing on the inner workings of the minds just didnt work too well. But a noble attempt though.

  3. Proposal for your next poll:

    Who is your favorite “Banks” in Scifi/Fantasy?

    1. Iain M. Banks: author

    2. Jonathan Banks: actor, (Dark Breed, Freejack, et al)

    3. Brianna Banks: actress (filmography not work safe; but feel free to google at your leisure, from home — you’ve been warned… )

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