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PC Gaming Keyboard

The ZBoard is a specially designed keyboard for gamers. (Check out the “what it is” flash animation and click “See it in action”.) It’s like a “skinnable” keyboard in that you can remove the standard qwerty keys and add a new game-specific face. The ZBoard retails for about $50 and the foldable keysets are $20 a piece and come in a variety of flavors (Doom3, EverQuest). The labeled keys are laid out differently, depending on the game.

This looks cool, but I’m not into pc gaming enough to determine if this really adds more than just reassigning keys to the standard keyboard. What do the gamers think? Would this enhance the gameplay experience? Is it worth the cost?

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4 Comments on PC Gaming Keyboard

  1. These have been around for almost a year I believe, and I have seen them at Fry’s.

    Are they worth it?

    I am not sure. Newbies might get more use out of them versus a more experienced player. The Doom3/FPS boards would be very good since they give you a much larger pad for the keyboard movement, but you would have difficulty taunting your opponents with badly spelled english. The EQ board on the other hand is probably not so good since much of the game is about chatting not specific key combinations. For me, they are neat gizmo, but I really like my keyboard.

  2. Okay, I am sorry I should have really taken a closer look at the EQ2 board before I posted my comment. I think that if you were buying a new keyboard and play lots of games and want to have a keyboard that matches the theme of your favorite game – then this might be the ticket.

  3. You know, I have no problem taunting my opponents with badly spelled (or badly grammered) English…

  4. “That’s spelled ‘grammared'”, he said smugly as if the word even existed.

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