Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll.


Have you ever continued reading a sf/f series even after reading a bad installment?


79% (19 votes) – Yes. I hope the author can recreate what I liked so much in the first place.

8% (2 votes) – Nope. One strike is all it takes for me to say “bye-bye”.

0% (0 votes) – I never read a bad book in any series.

13% (3 votes) – I never read any sf/f book that was part of a series.

(Total votes: 24)

It comes to me as no surprise that a clear majority of respondents cling to the hope that a series will redeem itself. We’re a loyal bunch. I’m sure this makes publishers and authors very happy. 2 folks are way less lenient – one strike and the series is history. I guess that the assumption is that it is all downhill from then on. 3 voters haven’t read any sf/f that was part of a series. No small feat, that, considering the unwritten law that seemingly exists which says “thou shalt only create series”. I wonder, is that a conscious decision to avoid a series? Few are those who have not read a sequel!

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