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You Know You’re a Star Trek Fanboy When

You pay $15 to see the theatrical presentation of SPOCK’S BRAIN. Yes, that’s right. Some theater company chose the worst Star Trek episode of all time to perform on stage. Of course, it couldn’t be any worse than the actual episode so, in this case, it may be a step up.

For an encore presentation, they ought to bring Operation: Annihilate! to the stage, just so we can see the plastic, flying vomit creatures in action!

A shot to the old red shirt for Jeff at Gravity Lens for the link.

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4 Comments on You Know You’re a Star Trek Fanboy When

  1. Well, paint me a fanboy. Why? While at work this evening and flipping between various channels of election coverage, I came across “Voyager”, a show I gave up on very early on in its run.

    I actually ended up watching and enjoying the episode, and not because there were several good views of ol “9’s” profile.

    Is there any hope for me? I enjoyed the second and third episodes of “Enterprise” this season (although the crew seems to have forgotten everything they learned in the past season about being cautious when handling prisoners or being boarded, etc., etc., etc.)

  2. Yup, you’re a fanboy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I just could never get into Voyager. And the addition of 9 was a transparent ploy to appeal to the ‘Pete’ segement of viewers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that either.

    But how about decent stories? Just asking…

  3. Decent stories on Voyager? I can’t give you a firm opinion/statement. I really did not see enough of the show. I watched a bit the first season. I watched the second season opener, thought it was silly, and gave up except for a few episodes.

    The episode I saw pretty much took place off the ship and in the past. But hey, no time travel, no Nazis, no aliens (other than ship’s crew) made any appearance! The story was pretty good, more a character study than a space opera shoot-em-up.

    Who knows, many years down the road after I finish buying B5 DVD’s, SG DVD’s, and start working my way through ST DVD’s (starting with TOS), I may have to see what I missed in the show.

  4. Giligan’s Island in space never appealed to me for some reason – although I did like the Janeway character quite a bit (of course I felt the actor who played the doctor was so much better than everybody else he made them all look bad – especially the Vulcan and Chikotay, the native-american in space.)

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