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From Farscape to SG-1

Both Ben Browder and Claudia Black join the Stargate SG-1 this next season. It should be interesting to see how he fits into this series. And before somebody makes a snide comment about Muppets coming next – that deal has not been announced. Links courtesy of Slashdot…

3 Comments on From Farscape to SG-1

  1. Darn, Tim beat me to the Muppet thing. But wouldn’t it be cool to see Kermit go MacGuyver on the Goa’uld?

  2. Ok, is it just me, or has SG-1 finally jumped the shark? I actually fast-forwarded the ole tivo past it to get to BSG…..:O

  3. I was a big fan of SG1 for a long time and I have not watched much for this season. But, from what I have read online is that the new season is getting some decent reviews. Many folks think that the series is a bit reinvigorated by the new cast additions and the new story arcs.

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