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REVIEW: 30 Days of Night

REVIEW SUMMARY: A vampire saga in the far north, where the sun doesn’t rise for a month during the winter.


BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Each year on November 19th in Barrow, AK the sun sets for the last time in a month. A troop of vampires descends on the city and goes on a 30-day reign of terror. A group of desperate survivors hides in an old furnace, fighting starvation and waiting for daylight.

MY REVIEW: In Barrow, AK the sun doesn’t rise during a 30-day stretch each winter. A troop of vampires descends on the city, cuts off all communication links, blocks exits from the city and begins a killing rampage. One small group of survivors, including the story’s protagonists – the sheriff and his wife, hide out in an unused furnace, waiting for daylight.

PROS: evocotive art by Ben Templestreet completely fits the mood; interesting premise

CONS: art is sometimes so abstract I couldn’t determine what it was trying to convey – even with the words; not an incredibly deep story, and all of the ends are not neatly tied up (there are sequels); sometimes implausible (okay, vampires are implausible, but if you buy into the ‘rules’ of vamirism, then there were still some implausible things – like how the vampires manage to cut off every single means of transportation to the outside world); horrible ending

BOTTOM LINE: If you like vampire stories, you might like this – and you can borrow it from me!

That’s pretty much it. Nothing too complex here – just straight-up vampire violence. For me the story started off on the wrong foot immediately when the sheriff finds the charred remains of every single cell phone in the city. We’re to believe that the vampires somehow sneaked in during the night and stole everyone’s cell phones, like the tooth fairy?

The artwork is very appropriate to the material and lends strongly to the mood. My complaint is that it was sometimes so abstract that it was difficult to tell exactly what it was supposed to be showing.

The story’s ending was simply horrible, I thought, and further lent to the implausibility of the story.

I know this comic came very highly rated by those who read a lot more comics than I do. And I would like to read the sequels, but not enough to shell out another $20 to do so.

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