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RoadRunner to Get Faster in January

Road Runner said Tuesday that it will boost the download speed for its basic subscribers, who pay $45 a month, from 3 mbps to 5 mbps. Its premium customers, who pay $84.95 a month, will get a boost from 6 mbps to 8 mbps.


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  1. I got a solicitation from my regional bell operating company (SWBT) – despite me being on the national no-call list, I guess because they are my phone company they feel it’s OK to call me any time they want – to switch from cable to DSL. I love my download speeds (I get 275KB/s regularly, 350KB/s sometimes) and wouldn’t move to DSL’s slower speed, so I told them so.

    They countered that it was shared bandwidth and that with DSL the speed was fixed (well, until it hits the shared router, but let’s give them that it can handle it – despite that I know for sure it is oversubscribed.) I responded that my experience showed that cable was routinely faster than DSL for me, so that wouldn’t cause me to switch. They then responded that they were much lower price. I told them that if they could give me a fixed bandwidth number equal to what I had now at the SAME price I pay for cable I’d move – letting them know that price wasn’t the issue. I hope they get the message – DSL needs to get faster.

  2. Jackel-de-TCP // December 15, 2004 at 5:13 pm //

    Unless they throw in a static IP and the permission to use server apps without any extra fees, it really doesn’t matter how fast they bump it up to. The current speed is more than adequate for all surfing and online gaming one would ever need.

    Perhaps a better technology would be a demand-metered connection that allowing temporary speed increase for downloading those large por^H^H^HLinux ISO files. One would obviously pay a bit more for the faster speed, but only for the time it was used. Paired with an auto-timeout for down-throttling once the download is finished (by monitoring the xfer pipe), this would guaranty at least one customer (me).

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