Episode III Opening Crawl

Lest I be accused of not living up to my unwarranted label as Star Wars fanboy, here’s a bit of news. The Episode III opening crawl has been released (click next on the page to see all 6 opening crawls).

4 thoughts on “Episode III Opening Crawl”

  1. Well, by his loose definition, anyone who sees the move is essentially a fanboy.

    My definition is pretty straight forward – if you read Star Wars fan sites on a daily basis, you’re a fanboy. Convicted by this VERY post!

    There isn’t anything wrong with being a fanboy. It just means somebody who has an unnatural, unusual, and generally unhealthy obsession with a topic. OK, maybe there is something wrong with being a fanboy :)

  2. Can I help it if my newsreader accidentally gets Star Wars news every half hour?

    On the bright side, I don’t get mail addressed to “Star Wars Entusiast”, fanboy. :) (That was funny though, your comment back then, about the post office mis-delivering my mail to you. Heh-heh.)

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