A Matrix & Ghost in the Shell comparison is just that. A scene by scene comparison of the, sometimes uncanny, similarities between Ghost in the Shell and The Matrix.

Now, both movies tackle similar themes so it shouldn’t be surprising that they are similar thematically, which they are are. What is more interesting is seeing how many scenes are extremely similar to each other. I actually thought to myself, upon watching Ghost in the Shell ‘s opening, ‘Hey, that looks like The Matrix‘s opening!’. What I should have said was, ‘Hey, The Matrix ripped off Ghost in the Shell!’. Since The Matrix came out later, it makes me wonder, with great certainty, if the Wachowski brothers had seen GitS and decided some of the scenes were worth re-using. I’d say that’s a big yes. Which is the better movie? Good question. I’d say whichever one you saw first is probably going to win. For me, that was The Matrix. But GitS doesn’t have the annoying Oracle, which is a plus.

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