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SfSignal Makes Top 40 List

SF Author and Asimov’s SF contributor James Patrick Kelly has posted a list of 40 interesting SF blogs. We’re proud – no – humbled…OK, we’re squealing like middle-aged geeks that we are – to be included (name misspelling notwithstanding). Now, if only we can leverage this auspicious occasion to wheedle an interview…

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3 Comments on SfSignal Makes Top 40 List

  1. Not only did it make the list but we managed to list in the top 20. I suggest that we make John go forth and come up with some cunning questions for those Sci Fi authors out there who wish to visit our humble ramblings.

  2. Makin sure my boys get their props!

    A big shoutout to JP, John, Scott et. all…

    (sheesh, i need to stop listening to Jim Rome at lunch…)

    just another monkey banging on a typewriter….

  3. Other Interesting SciFi Blogs

    Woohoo!!! Those boys are kicking SciFi blog butt!

    SfSignal Makes Top 40 List

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