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The End of Elric

[From Alien Online] The next Elric book to be published, The White Wolf’s Son: The Albino in the Middle March, will be the last according to author Michael Moorcock. Note that Elric will continue to have adventures in the graphic novel format.

Moorcock states he’s ending the series “Because it’s very hard to keep producing fantasy novels which are faithful to readers’ expectations and are still original.” Assuming that the Elric stories are still selling, it’s good to know that an author is keeping the fans in his mind ahead of the paycheck. How many series do you know of that dragged on waaaay too long?

Or has Elric already passed the peak of quality? Has anyone read the Elric books? What were your impressions?

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3 Comments on The End of Elric

  1. I’ve read them, but for the most recent two. They are among my favorites. The big problem is that the Universe ended in the series pretty early on. The most recent books are being dropped in between other books in the chronology. And…they aren’t quite as good as the originals.

    Best to retire the series, before he turns into Jordan or Donaldson.

  2. I don’t do impressions.

    But I did read the first four books and remember thinking some kind of mind altering drug would be helpful in making sense of the series. I will say its different. I may have to go back no and re-read them. And really, who couldn’t use a soul drinking sword?

  3. I’m not holding my breath for any more Elric stories. The original run of the series was brilliant – with some of Moorcock’s best work tying together the whole Eternal Champion cycle – but the two most recent novels “Fortress of the Pearl” and “Revenge of the Rose” are nowhere near as good.

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