As I sit here and realize that we have had very few posts that might generate some comments over the last couple days (save John’s “asteroid” post.) I have taken it upon myself to wax poetically – okay not so poetically and definitely without wax. The topic of my thoughts go back to the coming of the Xbox 2 or Xenon as those in the know woud tell ya.

And I find myself wondering, why? I mean the Xbox is really not that old from a console perspective and only now are developers really taking full advantage of the console. Look a the PS1 and now the PS2, where the greatest games came out long after the console was on the market since these games take time to mature. Combine that with the simple fact that the Xbox2 may not be backwards compatible with the older titles (btw MS that is a very very bad marketing decision and your person in charge of marketing should be repeatedly slapped with a wet noodle.) I question why do they do this? They obviously do not understand the console market and feel that the 2 year upgrade cycle they want to impose on all thier software holds true in this space as well. Is it due to the low margins on the hardware? Well call Sony or Nintendo – they knew that and make most of thier money on licensing the SDKs and ensuring that every title pays them some amount of money. Furthermore, if MS was really smart they would let the console live out for a while and really make some intelligent game partnerships where we could get more than 1 or 2 decent titles for that platform.

But then I thought to myself, what if they did something radical: build an xbox emulator package for the PC. I mean the hardware is pretty much a standard windoze box now and it would not be a great leap to consider building a piece of software I could run on my desktop that would allow me to play existing xbox games. Sure they lose the console sale – but they could sell the software and then recoup additional revenue for all those folks who like the xbox but already have a pc. Sure it would be pirated (and before all you folks call me Blackbeard and start with the Arrghs) – it does not take a leap of brainpower to realize these titles are already being pirated. But maybe the software would be priced in such a way that it would generate more sales of the titles that really garner revenue for the company. Think about how many more copies of Halo2 they could sell or think about how many fewer “ports” they would have to do and could then even increase thier sales numbers higher. Maybe I am a dreamer, but sometimes I wonder if they are so focused on beating Sony and Nintendo they miss out on really doing something unique…

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