Hi Smiley!

:) I added smiley support to the blog tonight.

:D It took a while, but I finally got it!

(6) Of course, since it’s new, we’ll probably abuse the bejesus out of it.

:-@ If that happens, there’ll be hell to pay!

Commenters can also use the smiley images by clicking on the smiley image on the comments page.

21 thoughts on “Hi Smiley!”

  1. :) :D (6) :-@ that’s funny, firefox is okay, but not IE. BTW, when I said problems, I meant that clicking the icons didn’t insert the codes and there was an “error” icon in my status bar.

  2. Well, I am not a Linux guy but I had to look into some stuff for Konqueror, at which point I saw some people on the web say that Safari was based on Konqueror. Don’t know if it was true just some stuff I saw posted in some forums. If that is the case then Safari is probably not all that robust in handling javascript . . . if that has anything to do with these “features”.

  3. Hmmm, it would seem that Pete, errrr “Brian”, is trying to bait me into an inflamatory response, knowing my fondness for Konqueror . . . I will resist the temptation (6) . . . resisting . . . (6) . . . GAH!!!!!!

  4. So my comment was not in reference to the Smileys, but more to the shortcut links. And as for support – I would put Safari way above IE in many respects… And yes I am a Mac Zealot… :D

  5. Why did you ask me to make you icons when you went and got different ones and use them instead? :O :( 8o| (6)

    By the way, there’s something wrong with the insertion code — it only insert at the end of the text instead of where the cursor is… :-S

  6. UPDATE: Mouse over the icons for the NEW decoder ring. Its easier to type, well-known, and still looks OK if we decide to kill the macro feature.

  7. Can we get decoder ring on the “Use a smiley” line above? right now, the tooltip just has the ever-generic-not-as-helpful text of “Add this smiley” for every one of them.

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