JP sent this link around via email last week, but I thought I’d post it to the blog because it’s just too funny not to.

Remember the popularity of Star Wars Kid? The newest thing is the Numa Numa Dance Kid.

It’s been picked up by major media outlets (including CNN and VH1’s Best Week Ever) and viewed more than 1 million times according to the Numa Numa Kid’s website. He’s a 19-year-old named Gary and he now offers a version with subtitles. (Lyrics here. You know you want ‘em to sing along, Numa Numa fanboys.) For those (like me) who can’t get the song out of their heads (like me) and want to know, the song is “Dragostea Din Tea” by O-Zone. For those who want more (who doesn’t?), this guy did a lot of research. And don’t forget the complete collection of videos and parodies! (Still new, surely more to come.)

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