I know, this is an unusual thing. The lack of actual SF on SciFi makes you wonder why they call it that now, but they have done something interesting, and dare I say, internet aware. I’m not just talking about the new, improved, excellent Battlestar Galactica series, but also about the supporting things they’ve done on its website (well, except for the fact they use flash as their menu system, that sucks).

First, did you know you can now watch the first episode, “33”, online and without commercial interruption? Well you can. And this is a great thing. The next logical step is to make the episodes available for download by the fans….

Second, did you know Ron Moore has a blog? He does, and he isn’t afraid to answer viewer questions or to give insight into the give and take that occurs during production. Its quite good. And, even better, they have an RSS feed.

These two things show that someone at SciFi has a clue about fans want to watch and interact about a show. I must give mad props to the BG homies at SciFi for a job well done.

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