Teaser? I Hardly Know Her?

[From Screen Rant] The big news this week is the television premiere of the full-length trailer for Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith during The OC on March 10th. I can uderstand this, what with Anakin’s soap-opera-style ‘do.

However, in a momemt of uber-hyper-hype, Fox is currently airing a teaser for the commercial. A teaser for a commerical? Come on!

I am so setting up my Tivo.

9 thoughts on “Teaser? I Hardly Know Her?”

  1. My girlfriend and I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special last night.

    You brace yourself for bad television, but you are STILL stunned at how brutally sad and incomprehensible it is. A black and immeasurable taint is communicated to all who view it.

    It opens with a five minute segment where Chewie’s wife tries to get their son to take the trash out. The son repeatedly tries to squirm out of it. This entire seen is played out in the wookie language.

    Five minutes.

    I may never be able to look at a wookie again.

  2. I can’t understand what Scott was trying to say? Maybe he caught a glimpse of the Star Wars Holiday Special and all rational thought ceased in his brain….


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