Classic SF Covers

I like old science fiction art as much as I like old science fiction.

There are plenty of sites that show off vintage covers, too. Galleries range from visual indices of cover art to images from famous pulp magazines. For the true fanboy, you can purchase CD-ROMs full of the covers. Other sites target a more specific audience. Say, that of a specific artists or a specific author (this last one, for Philip K. Dick, has to be the most comprehensive collection I’ve ever seen).

4 thoughts on “Classic SF Covers”

  1. I love this stuff too. If I could have one wish granted in this topical area, it would be to have all of Kelly Freas covers AND INTERIOR DRAWINGS on a CD-ROM. Everyone has a favorite, and I love the art of many other illustrators, but given just one, for me it’s Freas.

    BTW, John, a couple of those links don’t seem to be current.

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