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BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Three storylines from the first Sin City comics interleave in a very stylish, noir film.

PROS: Great looking film, fun stories, lots of star power, dark & gritty – like I like ’em

CONS: Two of the storylines seemed rather similar to each other, none of the stories really overlapped, use of color not consistent

BOTTOM LINE: This is my favorite of all comic books brought to the big screen. If you like film noir, this is for you.

I’ve seen Sin City, the comic, and paged through it, but have never read one, so I won’t be making comparisons between the two, except to say that the minimal use of color in the comics (excuse me, graphic novels) – mostly black, white and red was mimicked in the film.

The movie has three main storylines. In the first, Bruce Willis is a cop with a bad ticker on his last night on the beat. The one thing he wants to do before hanging up the badge is to save a young girl from the hands of a serial rapist/murderer. In the second story, A giant of a man (Mickey Rourke) is trying to avenge the death of his murdered whore girlfriend, and in the last story Clive Owen is trying to save Oldtown (a part of town owned/controlled by prostitutes) from the mob. All of these stories are downright brutal, and if lots and lots of blood isn’t your thing (even if it’s white blood), then you may want to pass on this one. Actually, the color of blood is inconsistent. At times it’s red and other times white. The same thing with most of the color in the movie.

The bad guys are especially bad -especially Elijah Woods’ canibalistic character, Kevin.

Oh, and not only is the violence gratuitous, so is the nudity. The R rating is well deserved.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film. Back when the SFSignal poll asked which SF film would be the best this year, I chose this one. The bar is high, but not unbeatable. After seeing the preview for War of the Worlds, I have high hopes for that one, too. Sin City is the best of the comic book movies, but definitely don’t take the kids to this one.

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