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Swear Like Mal

For all you Firefly fans who’ve wished you could swear in Mandarin like the crew of Serenity, well, now you can! Rachel Kronick has put together a list of Mandarin phrases (note: not the oranges) that could fit right in with the Firefly universe. She hasn’t necessarily parsed the phrases from the show itself, but has used modern Mandarin to extrapolate likely phrases. Now you can cuss up a blue streak and no one will know. Well, aside from the tone of your voice that is.

There are a couple of F bombs tossed around so don’t let your kids read it.

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  1. I have been meaning to record a few longer instances to test them on the Chinese folks I work with. I wanted to see if I could get literal translations for the foul language the crew of the Serenity use. Time to actually break down and purchase the series – or steal them from Kevin 😀

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