George R.R. Martin has completed the much-anticipated and oft-delayed next installment in his Song of Ice & Fire sequence, called A Feast for Crows. His website goes into the gory details of how the book has grown beyond original expectations.

In a nutshell, the the whole story originally intended for A Feast For Crows has been split into two parts. Rather than the normal booksplitting practice of breaking the story in the middle, Martin insisted that the the two parts each tell a complete, simultaneously-occurring tale. So the suddenly-complete book titled A Feast For Crows will focus on “Westeros, King’s Landing, the riverlands, Dorne, and the Iron Islands.” Meanwhile, the stuff ripped out of the original manuscript will now be part of the soon-to-be-finished A Dance With Dragons and will focus on “events in the east and north”.

This most likeley means the the series may now stretch out to seven books instead of the intended six.

[Link via Locus Online]

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