SF/F Writers Who Blog

I ran across this Writers Who Blog article and thought it might be useful to list some science fiction and fantasy authors who have blogs.

4/06 UPDATE: Now showing which blogs do (Click to see feed – click for feed) and do not (No feed available) have a corresponding newsfeed.
1/07 UPDATE: This list is still being maintained. Updates are listed in the SF Tidbit posts.
3/07 UPDATE: Added group author blogs.
4/07 UPDATE: S. Andrew Swann has created a Yahoo Pipe for all of these author feeds.
6/07 UPDATE: Since this list was mentioned on BoingBoing, we’ve been getting lots of email. Cool! If you have any additions to list, please email john at sfsignal dot com but please…as you can imagine with the proliferation of the Internets, this list is growing fast. We will only be adding authors published by major publishers. Sorry, but the list is hard enough to maintain without considering all the unpublished and self-published authors, too. (Of course, nobody is stopping you from doing your own shout-out in the comments below.)

***** If you know of any professionally published sf/f authors or group blogs who are not on this list, let us know. *****


Click to see feed Book View Cafe Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Brenda Clough, Katie Daniel, Laura Anne Gilman, Christie Golden, Anne Harris, Sylvia Kelso, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, Sue Lange, Ursula K. Le Guin, Rebecca Lickiss, Vonda N. McIntyre, Nancy Jane Moore, Pati Nagle, Darcy Pattison, Irene Radford, Madeleine Robins, Amy Sterling, Jennifer Stevenson, Susan Wright, Sarah Zettel.
Click to see feed Clockwork Storybook Mark Finn, Chris Roberson, Matthew Sturges, Bill Williams, Bill Willingham.
Click to see feed Deep Genre Constance Ash, Carol Berg, Barbara Denz, David Louis Edelman, Kate Elliott, Katharine Kerr, Laura J. Mixon, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Madeleine E. Robins, Sherwood Smith, Lois Tilton
Click to see feed Eat Our Brains Bradley Denton, Steven Gould, Rory Harper, Morgan J. Locke ,Maureen F. McHugh, Madeleine E. Robins, Caroline Spector
Click to see feed Fangs, Fur, & Fey Jes Battis, Jim Hetley, Jim C. Hines, Tim Pratt, Cherie Priest, Maggie Stiefvater, Sara Zettel…and waaaay too many more to list here.
Click to see feed Jerry Jarvis’ Wig Lee Battersby, Lyn Battersby, Brendan Duffy, Paul Haines and Geoffrey Maloney.
Click to see feed Foul Papers Shannan Palma and Lorien Dana.
Click to see feed Mad Genius Club Rowena Cory Daniells, Dave Freer, Sarah A. Hoyt, John Lambshead, Louise Marley, Pati Nagle and Jennifer Stevenson.
Click to see feed Magical Words David B. Coe, Faith Hunter, Misty Massey, and C.E. Murphy.
Click to see feed No Fear of the Future Jayme Lynn Blaschke, Chris Nakashima-Brown, Stephen Dedman, Alexis Glynn Latner, Jess Nevins, Jess Nevins, Zoran Zivkovic’.
Click to see feed On the Fly Publications Dan Fleming & Chris Beckett.
Click to see feed Ripping Ozzie Reads Marianne de Pierres, Cory Daniells, Dirk Flinthart, Richard Harland, Trent Jamieson, Margo Lanagan, and Tansy Rayner-Roberts.
Click to see feed SF and Fantasy Enthusiasts
Click to see feed SF novelists Guy Adams, Alma Alexander, Tony Ballantyne, Eric Brown, Mark Chadbourn, David Devereux, Ian Graham, Paul Kearney, Ian Irvine, Tim Lebbon, Tom Lloyd, James Lovegrove, Gail Z. Martin, James Maxey, Juliet E. Mckenna, Suzanne McLeod, Mark Morris, Stan Nicholls, Andrew Oldham, Sarah Pinborough, Andy Remic, Brian Ruckley, Tim Stretton, Tricia Sullivan, James Swallow, Jeffrey Thomas, Jetse de Vries, Stephen Volk, Danie Ware, Conrad Williams, David J. Williams.
Click to see feed Something Wicked Ann Aguirre, Shirley Damsgaard, Angie Fox, Tate Hallaway, and Karen MacInerney.
Click to see feed Talking Squid Stephen Dedman, Chris Dickinson, Nick Evans, Russell B. Farr, Robert Hood, Chris Lawson, Garth Nix, Ben Peek, Robin Pen, Cat Sparks, Jonathan Strahan, Sean Williams
Click to see feed The Inferior 4+1 Paul Di Filippo, Elizabeth Hand, Lucius Shepard, Paul Witcover
Click to see feed Wyrdsmiths Eleanor Arnason, Tate Hallaway, William Henry, Douglas Hulick, Naomi Kritzer, H. Courreges LeBlanc, Kelly McCullough, Lyda Morehouse, Sean M. Murphy, Rosalind Nelson.


120 thoughts on “SF/F Writers Who Blog”

  1. Say, I have a weblog, and I’m a SF writer! I got me my shiny SFWA card to prove it! And I have a weblog! Aha!
    Of course, all I talk about is ancient Roman economics, especially the effect of wage and price controls by Diocletian, so I am not sure it counts if you are only listing THE GOOD weblogs by SF writers:

  2. Well, you need to beat me over the head. Although people tell me it’s bound to do some good. :)
    Added John C. Wright’s blog.

  3. I added a link to Rudy Rucker’s blog.
    For those who haven’t figured out, I am (slowly) collating a list of blogs written by popular science fiction and fantasy writers. My eventual hope is that I?ll make this a new permanent page off our main page; in the Links section perhaps.

  4. I don’t need daily updates from these guys (or the bizarre hour-by-hour account of his life that Kevin Smith gives on his forums) but a regular spot for thse folks to comment on SF would be nice.
    I wouldn’t mind seeing Dan Simmons and Larry Niven.

  5. Keith R. A. DeCandido and Peter David “blog” on LiveJournal. I believe there are several other writers on LJ as well (that those two link to).

  6. How could you have forgotten Kiernan John? :D
    Just thought I’d bring back some happy memories for John, and fill in those readers who hadn’t seen this yet. You can thank me later…

  7. Good Lord, man. You type enough on two blogs for eight people!
    Some interesting stuff there. I especially liked the “Stranger” posting.

  8. Hmmm…too bad web browsers don’t have some mechanism to remember website…some way to, say, bookmark them for later use. That would be cool! :)
    Seriously, good point – it should be more noticeable.
    In the meantime, I’ve added the Ringo link. Too bad there’s no RSS feed, too.

  9. Fixed…with the possible exception of Bear’s RSS Feed. The site has the updated feed link, but it is currently not working.

  10. I’m not familiar with planet. Is it any different than any other RSS feed? We have feeds for new posts and comments (see front page), but not for individual posts.

  11. It’s a sort of public feed aggregator. If you look at some of the existing ones like Planet Debian or Planet KDE (it seems to be used mostly by free software projects) you should get the idea pretty quickly.
    I thought it might be neat to have all the authors listed aggregated like that but possibly everyone reading this already uses a feed reader like Bloglines and it’s also possible that the authors could object to having their content syndicated in such a fashion. It may have been a bad idea.

  12. Oh, I see. It aggregates the individual author feeds. My first impression was that it would serve up this specific “SF/F Writers Who Blog” post so that others might keep track of updates.
    An interesting idea. Thanks, Tap! I’m not sure how authors would react to such syndications. On the one hand, they syndicate so that people can read it. On the other hand, sometimes author blogs can get political and that might upset other authors with opposite views whose posts appear nearby.
    Oh well, the info is above in case anyone cares to try. :)

  13. Shannon, don’t be worried. It’s a good way of learning new names. Heck, half the time I run across somebody new in one of the annual anthologies by Harman/Kramer or Dozois I end up spending money on a new book or three!

  14. Not sure if most of these are professional blogs or personal, but Lynn Flewelling is at otterdance.livejournal.com (personal) and Ellen Kushner is at ellen_kushner.livejournal.com (professional).

  15. Check out the link above. We have a free, large, directory of blogs, organized by topic, and many of them curated by experts in their field.
    For example,
    here is Josh Kid on Puzzles: http://www.blogbridge.com/expert?fullName=Josh+Kidd
    here is Al Tepper on Green Planet:
    Here’s a list of many of them: http://www.blogbridge.com/expert-guides/meet-the-experts/
    I am wondering if you’d like to be an expert on Science Fiction Blogs. It would be a wonderful addition. It’s very easy, and we’d help you get it done quickly. What say you? Please email me. It’s really easy and fun!

  16. I think it would be great if you created an
    opml file from this list – it’s a blogroll file so
    you can subscribe to all of them at once with
    something like grazr (see grazr.com) or google reader.
    Thanks a lot!

  17. SF/F author blogs

    Massive list of blogs (including indicators of which do/don’t have RSS feeds) by science fiction and fantasy authors.  Cool. Though, that said — I often find myself disappointed by author…

  18. Fantasy authors write stunning blogs (BlogTipping Day)

    Going out to find the blogs of my favourite fantasy authors was like reading a great fantasy novel, it was happy and tragic and hopeful and far more emotional than I expected.

  19. Just a nitpick, but it’s “Laura Anne Gilman,” not Laura Ann. (correcting the Internet, one letter at a time)

  20. I write science fiction as well as medical thrillers, and have a Web site and blog at:

    booksbyfrankl.com and booksbyfrankl.com/wpblog/

    Many thanks for the list of writers. I hope you will list my Web site and blog among them. I welcome comments, suggestions, links, etc.

    All the best,

    Bill Frankl

  21. I would like to begin a fantasy writing  blog how do I go about doing this?  Any help I can get on this would be greatly appreciated.

  22. This is a great list and it is good to see all of these authors in one place. I have just started up an on-line book store at http://www.GreyDoorBooks.com, dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy and this will make a great link for users of the site to get quick access to the blogs of their favourite authors.




  23. Wow…them’s a lot of writer blogs. Question. Do writers use their blog as a source of motivation, stress relief, or to ease the sense of solitary confinement? I may peruse a few of these and get a feel of how a blog can enhance a writer’s writing.

  24. This is a great list.  I’ve been trying to search for just this sort of thing and was having a hard time, coming across sites more accidentally than on purpose.  I’m hoping the list is still being kept up since i see most of the posts above are from 2007 or earlier.

    From someone who has already been perusing, to Mamashares:  it seems to me writers blog for many reasons including:  making their published books better known, a means of connecting with other writers (many of us introverts who spend lots of time at the keyboard and who don’t live near lots of other writers), to practice writing and get feedback (especially those of us who are still trying to get published and can’t seem to find the right route to publication), to satisfy the curiosity of avid fans and get a feel (through their comments and specific responses to specific questions) for where the interest is (really, physically where: book signings and speaker events work best where there is a known fan base already in place).  As someone who has recently started blogging, I find its greatest value for me is that it demands a certain degree of consistancy in active participation as both reader and writer that having a static web site (or having neither) doesn’t provide.  That can only help.

    My blog, with notes on writing, a serial of scenes from one of my fantasy novels I’m trying to revise, essays on food and cooking, and miscelaneous other bits:  http:/home.earthlink.net/~wyverns/

  25. BETRAYED! Zine is a zine that destroys all of these blogs by sending them to the deep ocean where they will be eaten by unknown lifeforms. It is not professionally published – that’s a stupid rule. GOOD BYE.

  26. I write science fiction too, and have a time travel novella published and a novel called “Don’t Mess with Earth” published this year. I write about some of the subjects in my novel and novella, and sometimes even write my thoughts about some current sci-fi or comic book movies.

    http://www.cliffball.com and just click on the blog link to see my blog.

  27. I’m sorry about the above unintentional triplicity. Would please delete my two previous posts? And maybe also this? Thank you.

  28. Hey, I is a writer! And I blog!



    (writing blog, which is a gathering place of writing related stuff culled from places like SF Novelists (yes, I blog there far more regularly than some of the other names you’ve listed, and so do a heap of other writers whom I haven’t seen listed there at all…) StorytellersUnplugged (on the 30th of every month) and RedRoom)



    (personal blog which is fairly prolific and eclectic)


    would appreciate an add!

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