More bad news for the movie studios – there’s a new way to share movies in (Tinsel) town. RatDVD is software that rips a DVD including bonus features and tracks. The article says it’s new, but Google turns up 11,000 hits making me think it’s been around for some time. Anyone using this?

3 thoughts on “RatDVD”

  1. Now it has 252000 hits in google. Makes me think people love it.. and it is growing exponetially.

  2. I use ratDVD… Had no choice ‘cos of a set I wanted but… It’s uber slow for goin from ratDVD to DVD on my AMD64 3200+… Been at it about 3 hours now and it’s 75% done… Sucks considering I can convert anything to DVD in less than an hour now…

    However, because you can keep all of a disc intact and make it small in comparison, 2.1GB total for 2 DVD’s as compared to 9GB, I can sit thru the conversion process…

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