Sling Media is rolling out the SlingBox today, a device that allows you “placeshift” your TV viewing in the same way that Tivo (or any Digial Video Recorder) “timeshifts” it.

The device takes input from a TV source (your cable box, satellite box or DVR) and streams it through your broadband router allowing access via the Internet from any computer that has the SlingBox software (and the appropriate access credentials, I imagine). The setup even allows remote control of your DVR and cable box so it’s like you were sitting in front of your TV. You can watch TV or your latest Tivo recording – all while on the road!

Initial reviews are positive. The worst complaints I see are less-than-perfect (though not horrible) video quality. Once nice feature is the single $250 investment – no subscriptions required.

[Thanks Bob and engadget]

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