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Firefly Photo Essay

Livejournal user, Liminalliz, has created a funny and succinct Firefly Photo Essay. It starts with a little history of SF on Fox, then dives right in with capsule revies (very funny I might add) of each of the episodes and of the new movie. It’s a good place to refresh your mind over what happened in the TV series and why the execs at Fox must burn in eternal hell fire until the end of time. And beyond, being eternal hell fire and all. Anyway, if you haven’t seen any of the episodes, note that there are a ton of potential spoilers here. And don’t miss the choice quotes, including Tim’s favorite: “What we needs a diversion.” and one of mine about the dinosaurs, “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!”. Ah, good stuff.

Did I mention the part about hell fire and Fox execs? This should be a TV series again. If only there was a TV/Cable network that could use a quality SF program…

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3 Comments on Firefly Photo Essay

  1. I bet SciFi Channel would love to have it – they just can’t afford to produce it. Well, not that AND that series of B flicks they funded. It was Firefly or those terrible non-scifi B movies and guess what they picked. Meh.

    Oh, and I suppose it’s also possible Fox owns the rights to Firefly and won’t give them up. That happens all the time too.

  2. “capsule revies”?

    From a interview I heard with JW, The Creator Himself, that’s the problem with getting Firefly back on television–Fox has the rights. I think they expire at some point. Oddly enough, the interview also mentioned the possibility of three movies…which would take several years…approximately the length of time Fox has the rights.


  3. Interestingly, the full details that are known about the Firefly status are here at the Fireflyfans site (fanboys!)

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