Potter Fans a Little Testy

David Kipen from the San Francisco Chronicle responds to reactions (including death threats) to his less-than-stellar review of the latest Harry Potter book. In his response, he dispels some myths about reviewing books.

And yes, Pete. “A little testy” is on my list. :)

[Link via Locus Online]

3 thoughts on “Potter Fans a Little Testy”

  1. Nice, but that’s not what made me laugh though. What made me laugh are “Death Threats” from Harry Potter fans??? What are they going to do, throw stacks of this tome at him? Let’s face it, most Potty..er Potter fans are geeks and nerds (present company exclud…what the heck…included); I doubt they can carry out these threats any more than they carry out their … blah i’m drawing a blank on a good analogy… but you get my point…

  2. Actually Pete, looking at the success of the HP books, I’d say most of the fans are not geeks or nerds.

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