I’m vacationing, relaxing, visiting family. For kicks (because this is how I get my kicks) I use my PDA to check for WiFi connections. I’ve found 3 free (unsecured) WiFi networks in my local travels – one at my brother-in-law’s house (his neighbor, I presume) and two accessible from my sister’s home. One of those is coming from a neighbor. The other, it turns out, is coming from my sister’s computer. When their wireless network was set up by a friend, they neglected to secure it.

Securing it was easy. The problem was getting it so both my PDA and portable computer could communicate with it. Getting a configuration that was able to be configured on all devices proved difficult. I eventually gave up since I prefer to have my portable connected without wires for the duration of my stay. Fortunately, my sister and her husband do not care much that it is left open while I’m here. Before I leave, though, we’ll turn on his security and block any piggybacking neighbors.

The bottom line: I’m still lovin’ the wifi. You haven’t lived until you’ve surfed the web poolside.

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