Whilst finally getting around to looking at our mail (I apologize to everyone who hasn’t from us!), I see we have a few interesting tidbits to pass along:

  • Suzy McKee Charnas, of Stagestruck Vampires fame, has a new short story over at Sci Fiction. It’s called Heavy Lifting. Check it out, as they say. Whoever they are…
  • J. Marcus Xavier (cool name!), has a blog specializing in fandom and science fact meets science fiction. You can find him over at Very Small Doses of SciFi & Other Amusements, and soon to be on our blogroll.
  • If animated SF warfare is more you thing, check out the nifty flash-based animated story, CoMers.

That’s it for this installment. Thanks to everyone who bothered to email us cool stuff. We likes cool stuff. Except John. He’s just in this for the babes.

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