SF author Ben Bova gets all political with his Naples Daily News article (registration required…or BugMeNot). Some excerpts:

Personally, I think the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were valid on political, military and ethical grounds…They ended the war…They saved lives…The nuclear bombs broke their will to fight.

It’s a big universe out there, with all the splendor and mystery and adventure that we could ask for — as well as such wealths of energy and raw materials that every man, woman and child on Earth could become millionaires if we would just go out there and start to use the natural resources that are waiting for us.

[A]s I watched newscasts about this Jagger-vs.-Bush controversy I saw clips of Jagger and the Stones in concert. And broke out laughing. Here’s a bunch of men well past middle age, gray and wrinkled, working up an audience with songs about how lousy their parents are. It’s ludicrous.

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