Google Earth Video

I have yet to install and play with Google Earth, but this video showcasing some of its capabilities looks way cool!

11 thoughts on “Google Earth Video”

  1. Couldn’t that have just been a comment on the previous entry? Just curious what draws the line between entirely new post and comment.

  2. I’m not sure what feature(s) that video shows that can’t be found with playing with it for 5 minutes or less… the cut scenes can be a bit confusing since it makes it look like it’s part of google earth, but it’s not…

    sorry for the negative comments, but the video wasnt all that impressive as far as “showcasing some of its [google earth] capabilities…”

  3. The movie probably wasn’t meant to market Google Earth, but rather to create an interesting hybrid between the views of an application and the views of real life through a camera. Try reading the text on the page before you judge another person’s work. Less time in front of a computer may help with your detachment from life. I’d rather experience your “better creation” than your hate. (6)

    Now go outside. Write, draw, shoot video. Do something.

  4. I wonder if it was anti-hater’s video that I just dissed cus he seemed pretty upset by it.

    So I went outside, and wrote and drew and shot and did something… then I looked at the video again and it’s still the lame video that it was… *shrug* oh well… :-P

    UPDATE: I went out and looked at the comments at the site that’s hosting this and come to the realization that the web is full of people who are easily amused…

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