I watched the season premiere of Smallville last night. (The wife Season-Passes it on Tivo – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) A coworker (Dan’s mom’s son) once called Smallville Dawson’s Creek with super powers”. (As an aside, months later I saw the same phrase in print in Entertainment Weekly. Litigation is still pending.) I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with Dan’s assessment. There is a teen-soap-opera-ish quality to it all.

But there’s also the Superman mythos part of the show and I find that part very entertaining. Last night’s premiere featured the Fortress of Solitude, super-criminals (I assume Ursa and Non from Superman II), the Phantom Zone, and a new criminal who I thought would be General Zod but have since learned is Braniac. In the past, they showed a young Barry Allen (the Flash) and Perry White. For the uber-geek in me, I also like it that one of the show’s stars (Annette O’Toole) played Lana Lang in one of the Superman movie (the horrid Superman IV ) and that the occasional voice of Jor-El is that of Terence Stamp, who played Zod in the excellent Superman II.

Anyhow, the Superman mythos part of the show is interesting to me, an avid reader of the comics when I was growing up. (If it says anything about me, I was a DC Comics kid, not a Marvel kid.) While some of the comic book elements are presented the show, they are in no way silly. In much the same way Battlestar Galactica has worked to earn the “re-imagining” label, so, too, has Smallvile . Although the teen soap aspect of the show is a drawback, and one that keeps me from watching every week, when I do catch it, I find the mythos aspect to be a welcome element of the show.

Just thought I’d share.

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