Half Price Books is having a 20% off sale this weekend, which means, mathematically speaking, that it’s more like 60%-Off Books. As if I needed another reason to dump money in their coffers.

Tonight I stumbled across the Easton Press Collector’s Edition of Hyperion by Dan Simmons. For those who don’t know, Easton Press publishes hoity-toity, leather-bound version of books with gilded pages and a built-in bookmark ribbon. Mmmmmmm…biblioholic goodness…..

I carried it around the store in a biblioholic fugue for a while even though I had no intention of buying it. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) I have never read Hyperion so it was questionable to me that I needed a Collector’s Edition. I remembered that both JP and Kevin swear on their mothers’ knickers – which, creepily, is the same pair – that it is a very good book, so I I started thinking. (Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!) The price tag on the book was $10, meaning it would ring up at $8 + tax post-sale. Surely, 8 beans is but a pittance to pay for a book recommended by both JP and Kevin. The new mass-market paperback sells for the same price so why not get a leather-bound, gilded-paged, bookmark-ribboned hardback that I know sells for $40 or more?

Not that I needed the nudging but I splurged and bought the book. Actually, I ran from the store, book clutched to chest, giggling like the school girl that I am.

Is biblioholism covered under medical insurance?

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