I finally decided to post my impressions of the new crop of upcoming SF TV shows, if no other reason than to stop John’s incessant whining about when I would write this. I’ll be using SciFi’s SF TV Review Pt. I as a guide.

And now, on with the show!

Ghost Whisperer – looks like a cross between The Sixth Sense and John Edward’s Crossing Over, only Love Hewitt looks better than Bruce Willis or the eponymous John Edwards. Looks like JLH is the only reason to watch this show, maybe. At least she doesn’t suck (or maybe she does, I don’t know. Maybe Pete knows…)

Verdict – Meh.

Invasion – The aftermath of a hurricane leaves the residents of Homestead, Fla. experience odd events. The immediate conclusion is, of course, ALIEN INVASION! AAAAAHHHHHH! Still, this is produced by Shaun (Da Doo Ron Ron) Cassidy who produced American Gothic which I liked, even if it did have the commander of the Excalibur as the bad guy. SciFi compares Invasion to Lost which is good, but it sounds like there will be more SF to Invasion, which is gooder.

Verdict – Cautious interest.

Masters of Horror – An anthology series focusing on, surprisingly enough, horror stories. Since I don’t get Showtime, nor want to, I won’t be watching this. Verdict – Big Meh.

Night Stalker – A remake of the original which begs the questions: ‘Why?’ and ‘Is this SF?’

Verdict – No way.

Supernatural – Already premiered on The WB. We already know what Jeff thinks about this show. I’ll go with him. Verdict – Nope. Is this SF?

Surface – What happens when you bring home a sea monster as a pet? We’ll find out on Mondays. This one seems mildly interesting, possibly worth recording (or bittorrenting maties!).

Verdict – Possibility,

Threshold – New, from the mind that brought you the destruction of Star Trek, Brannon Braga, comes this tale of alien invasion on the cellular level. Sort of a cross between Invasion of the Body Snatchers and ‘Hard Rain’ from Bowfinger (yes, I watched Bowfinger, don’t look at me like that). As much as I detest Braga for what he did to ST, this one looks interesting, as does (for Tim) Carla Gugino. At least this one wears its SF on its sleeve for all to see.

Verdict – I’ll be recording this one!

There we go, but how many are actually SF? 3-ish, and all dealing with aliens in one form or another. We’ll see how they fare.

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