Just a quick update to let all our readers know what is going on regarding posting over the next week or so. As you may or may not know, the majority of posters to this site live in the Houston metropolitan area. Hurrican Rita is expected to make landfall just east of Houston sometime Friday night or Saturday morning. As a result, I haven’t been looking for neat SF info to bring you. I’m assuming the others have been busy as well. I’m also expecting us to lose power sometime in the next day or two so posting will be light if not non-existant until things return to normal.

I know that myself, Tim and Scott are all staying. I think Kevin is as well and I’m not sure about John. Things looked very scary last night as the hurricane track had Rite coming right over Galveston and on into Houston. The tracks now have Rita coming ashore further east, which is decent news for us in the NW Houston area. We’re hoping it keeps going that way so as to spare us the brunt of the winds.

So, I may be able to post something later on today or tomorrow once I’ve gotten all our preperations taken care of and it’s become a waiting game. Until then, stay safe everyone.

Update: For a really cool Google Earth hack using hurricane location info, check out FLHurrican.com. Very cool. But don’t trust their projected paths. I’m not sure how they do that, but it doesn’t fit with the NOAA guys.

Currently the storm is projected to make landfall east of us, nor forecasted to be near Port Aurthur, along the TX/LA border.. That’s good news for us in NW Houston as it means less high winds, according to one local weather guy, Harris county can expect sustained winds of 45+MPH with gusts upwards of 60 MPH. We’ll see if the storm keeps moving as it is.

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