In compiling the SF/F Writers Who Blog post, it occurred to me that there are some science fiction & fantasy writers who I would love to read in blog form but cannot because they just don’t blog.

I came up with two names so far…

Harlan Ellison

I know, I know…fat chance. Getting Harlan Ellison to start a blog is like asking the Wicked Witch of The West to drink a glass of water. Harlan’s…aversion…to technology makes this a long shot, true, but hey, I’m in wishing mode. Just think of the colorful commentary we’d get, not just about the field of science fiction, but on any damn thing he pleases. (Apologies, but it’s a law that when you write about Harlan, you have to use the word “damn”.) I can’t imagine that a free-form, open venue written by a man who is not afraid to speak his mind – and does so in such an entertaining way – would be anything but a fun, must-read blog. But I won’t be holding my breath for that one.

Gardner Dozois

Quite simply, Gardner is our generation’s John W. Campbell. Through his editing stint at Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine he helped shape not only the sf field, but a host of writers as well. Nobody else has his finger on the pulse of science fiction as much as this guy. And (no, I’m not done fawning just yet) his outstanding summations in his Year’s Best Science Fiction series is the proof. Gardner still responds to posts at the Asimov’s Forum, but (in my admittedly limited experience with the site – I must visit more often) there are too many questions for him and not enough opinions from him. I’d love to see his opinions on the sf field, on reading (his recommended reading list notwithstanding), on publishing, on writing, on the internet and just whatever might be floating around his head. I bet he has a ton of personal anecdotes to share; those would be welcome, too. So to sum up: Gardner’s got knowledge, contacts, and he’s well read in the field. If anyone should have a blog, it’s him.

So, any other writers who would make good bloggers?

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