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November 2005

The Science of Aliens

November 30, 2005 // 0 Comments

Check out this ForteanTimes article The Science of Aliens. (Register or use BugmeNot.) It’s based on an exhibit from London’s Science Museum and talks about the [...]

SF Tidbits Part XLI

November 30, 2005 // 1 Comment

Out of the Crooked Timber hosted a seminar with Susanna Clarke, author of the Hugo Award winning Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Read a PDF transcript. [via Locus Online] [...]

Gardner Dozois’ Future Projects

November 30, 2005 // 1 Comment

SF author and editor Gardner Dozois is not resting on his laurels since stepping down as editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine. As SciFiWire reports, in addition [...]

New Ways of Selling TV and Books?

November 29, 2005 // 1 Comment

There’s a well-written New York Magazine piece on how the face of network television is changing which has this to say about Firefly: All of which leads to an enticing [...]

Lewis Opposed Live-Action Narnia

November 29, 2005 // 3 Comments

Did you know C.S. Lewis opposed a live action version of Narnia? In a newly published letter written in 1959 to BBC producer Lance Sieveking, Lewis says: [...]

Cthulhu Family Circus

November 28, 2005 // 2 Comments

Not that BoingBoing needs any more repeaters, but when they posted something that fits perfectly in our Cthulhu category, like a link to the Cthulhu Family Circus, it’s [...]

POLL RESULTS: Cancelled TV Shows

November 28, 2005 // 2 Comments

Here are the results of the latest SF Signal poll. QUESTION Of the following cancelled TV shows, which is your favorite? RESULTS (77 total [...]

SF Tidbits Part XL

November 27, 2005 // 1 Comment

Robert Collins’s Top 10 dystopian novels at The Guardian. Interesting factoid noticed by Gregory Benford (who has a new official website): Four of the last five Hugo [...]

SF Tidbits Part XXXIX

November 25, 2005 // 2 Comments

Novelhead has a brief history on the naming of the science fiction genre. (And also a creepy story called “So a Woman Walks into a Bar…“) Joshua Newman at [...]

Locus Magazine Subscriptions: Get One!

November 23, 2005 // 1 Comment

I’m not sure of a simpler way to say this: if you like reading science fiction or fantasy, you will like Locus Magazine. I’ve been a subscriber for a little over [...]

SF Tidbits Part XXXVIII

November 23, 2005 // 1 Comment

John C. Wright is working on Null-A Continuum, a sequel to A.E. van Vogt’s The Players of Null-A. Jonathan Strahan wonders if the future of short fiction begins with [...]

Amazon Offering Wiki Functionality

November 23, 2005 // 3 Comments

Amazon now offers the ability of customers to add content about the purchased product. A new ProductWiki link appears on each product page allowing customers to collaborate [...]

SF Tidbits Part XXXVII

November 22, 2005 // 1 Comment

George Lucas is interviewed by the Hollywood Reporter. [via Cinematical, who summarizes his piracy opinions] SF/F Book sales have climbed 8.5% in the last 5 years. [via [...]

SF Tidbits Part XXXVI

November 21, 2005 // 2 Comments

Lost goes mobile! Christopher Priest’s 1996 novel, The Prestige, is being made into a movie starring Batman, Wolverine and David Bowie. “Just Like the Ones We [...]
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